Sunday, March 13, 2011


03.13.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

Shapes and textures help to define content, especially when color does not. This original image was rather monochromatic anyway, but the plaster ridges and the multiple circles (or anticipation of circular shapes!) determine the focal points.

Images in black and white often have a haunting quality, sometimes drawing you into a state of mesmerization. The state of disquiet has transferred into a troublesome one as we continue to watch the devastation in Japan. Our anxiety is not only for the survivors of the natural disasters, but the possibility of an industrial disaster...and the reality that such an event could happen anywhere at anytime. Our own personal issues are dwarfed when considering such catastrophes. Naples, FL


  1. Disquiet - yes. The world is focussed on Japan. It seems odd that I can admire the sun streaming through my window and life goes on as normal while across the world there are people living through hell.

  2. Good black and white, or should I say, shades of gray!

  3. Nice use of shape and shadow. Yes, disasters such as the one in Japan do put our own lives in perspective. It seems unfair that some people open their eyes to beauty in the morning while others open theirs to disaster.