Thursday, March 24, 2011


03.24.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

In Ft Myers for a meeting this afternoon and drove by the old house - it looks pretty much the same...nearly twenty years later! It seemed only fitting to show it off via the Instagram app filter. The effect, reminiscent of the '70s and Polaroid shots, really does offer a different perspective in terms of hue and saturation. The ragged edges give an unfinished look and even remind me of having been ripped out of a scrapbook.

Spending time in post-processing is often criticized by the purist, but I view it as an 'art' in and of itself. Like any creative 'work in progress', there is always an opportunity for revision and improvement. Working with a deadline, there will be an end product, but it's good to allow 'wiggle room' for evaluation, editing, and recreating - after all, we don't write that bestseller without the vital revision process! Cognac Dr, Ft Myers, FL


  1. It does look like an old photo from the 70's. Great processing! (and such cool palm trees!)

  2. Nice processing. It really does take us back to the 70's. I too think processing is an art in itself.

  3. I don't do a lot of post-processing (though I am about to embark on a photoshop course). But I think it is another art form. Just as the impressionists and cubists changed how we look at things, post-processing creates something new out of the photograph.