Friday, December 31, 2010


12.31.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

The lake reflects back mirror images of surrounding elements, offering a colorful and somewhat magical view - such an awesome trait of nature! Ending another year with reflection is quite appropriate...something that I've done the last three years now in my 365 photo project (12.31.08 and 12.31.09).

Though the year-end thoughts are important, there is more value in the day-to-day writings that accompany the images. The efforts in writing a thoughtful (some more thoughtful than others) commentary require focused time away from the 'rat race' of the day, as well as a potential connection to the image itself and a personal 'meta-thinking' process. The words sometimes flow with little conscious effort and sometimes with struggle, but they somehow end up on the screen. Reflecting inner thoughts, conflicts, or ideas, they are written without an audience in mind, but the added value of others' comments has helped me to grow and learn exponentially. There is still much to explore photographically, so 2011 will bring yet another 365 photo project. Garden of Hope & Courage, Naples, FL


  1. I so appreciate your sharing of your thoughts, they push me to explore ideas.

  2. So happy to hear you will be continuing on in 2011. I absolutely love checking in on your blog. It is quite inspiring. Thanks for all of your shots and thoughts in 2010 and congrats for making it through!! :)