Saturday, December 11, 2010


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The old Naples Daily News building is under destruction...the newspaper offices moved to a new property in the northern part of the county, which will leave a huge void in this block (not sure what, if any, plans are). Surprisingly, they made the move as newspaper business were folding left and right. Though I've no idea of their financial status, I'd guess they should be looking how they are going to 're-invent' themselves.

In this day and age of fast-paced change and innovation, 're-inventing' should be part of the 'norm'...but how many are prepared to do so? Adaptability is not a school subject (though it is often incorporated as a 'soft skill') nor is it always/often modeled by adults who themselves don't have the foundation for adapting to change. Hopefully, we can find a path for not short-changing ourselves... Central Ave & 10th St, Naples, FL

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  1. The comment I left on the last post was written before I read this. :-)
    There is a tug now between those attached to physical paper and those who embrace digital reading. I stand with a foot in each camp.