Tuesday, December 14, 2010


12.13.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Well, it's a start - one string of lights is out and hung around the kitchen window...so slow this year! These holiday lights lend such a 'sparkle' of brightness and interest - so simple, and yet so effective - not sure why we don't keep out longer or for more occasions. Yet, the rarity contributes to being special. :)

Ever finish a massive, time-consuming project and still have plenty on your plate, but choose to only relish in completion of the singular goal? Yes, there is definitely need for celebration, of sorts, even with a lengthy 'to do' list! And, yet, that celebration may be viewed differently, even with negative overtones, by others. It is sometimes a 'tough' call - to express freely without concern for others' needs/perceptions or to balance those emotions with a thoughtful response that may compromise one's own perspective for others. All in the day of the life...of all of us! Naples, FL

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  1. It is important to stop and mark the endings as well as the beginnings. Time to reflect, too. That can give you energy to move on.
    Thanks for adding a little sparkle to the day.