Thursday, December 16, 2010


12.16.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

The tip of a pine tree branch punctuated by baby cones and accentuated by a dead leaf comma beckons a little dressing for the holiday season. The tiny lights will soon shine picking up the ornament's sparkle and reflecting giving spirit. Full of earthy scent and family tradition, the Christmas tree stands guard over the gifts of exchange.

One of our major supermarket chains, Publix, shares their holiday tradition in a usually clever or sentimental television commercial every year. This year's is a good one, but not yet easily found on the web. This one, Conspiracy, is definitely one of my favorites, but Last Train Home is quite popular and Holiday Surprise conjures memories of our world's 'busy-ness'. Their appeal draws on many factors, but one's emotional reaction to them keeps you interested and perhaps even back for repeated showings...just as the scent, sight, and touch of the Christmas evergreen. Naples, FL

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  1. Funny - I had posted a photo that was quite similar (though I didn't blog it). I enjoyed some of the ads. They use the power of story to pull people in. My late parents used to winter in Sarasota - you brought back memories of our trips to publix.