Tuesday, December 1, 2009


DEC012009, originally uploaded by colemama.

While out and about this afternoon, I searched for red as a photographic subject - as a remembrance of World AIDS Day. This French painting posted outside one of the galleries in town struck me not only for a slice of the symbolic red, but also for the movement in the artwork. The awareness movement for HIV/AIDS has had a huge impact over the last decade in slowing the number of people living with the disease. However, there are still too many - an estimated 33.4 million people worldwide living with AIDS in 2008 (UNAIDS, November 2009). Annual reflection on this day, December 1st, is one way to keep the issue in the spotlight, but it seems some of the previous movement has lost some momentum. 6th Ave N & 10th St., Naples, FL

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  1. What fun! I would not have tied these robust ladies to World AIDS Day. It is sobering to think on how many people have suffered and perished - many because of the stigma attached to the disease. Education is so important.