Monday, December 7, 2009


DEC072009, originally uploaded by colemama.

These poblanos are less than fresh, but they filled the bill for tonight's "Skinny Chilies Rellanos" (stuffed with brown rice, fire-roasted tomatoes, a bit of Havarti cheese and a few other tasty ingredients...baked, not fried). The mild spicy flavor helps to clear the mind and the palate! :) And, for some reason, this meal always reminds me of my decade of living in Wyoming and my mom's side of the family who (mostly) live in that region.

Rather than exchange gifts this year, the Lucey/Brown/Davis side of the family decided to donate to community members who might not otherwise celebrate the holidays. Since we are spread out all over the country, we each chose to whom and how to provide those contributions. Finding myself much more global in orientation and a huge believer of 'helping others help themselves', I opted to 'loan' Marleny of Huancayo, Peru money for her embroidery business via Kiva. I would love to see more action of the old adage: teaching them 'to fish' for lifelong benefits, instead of giving them a fish for an immediate 'band-aid'. Naples, FL

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  1. I think Kiva does a great job. I'll be donating again this year. Microloans do much to help people be independent and build lives.