Thursday, December 3, 2009


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This bamboo plant is purely ornamental, but the species is amazingly versatile and multi-faceted. It serves as a food source for the panda bear and humankind (i.e., bamboo shoots), as a construction material for the building and furnishing of structures, for medicinal value in treating infections in China, and as a cultural symbol in many southeast Asian countries...among other things. It is an amazingly sustainable resource.

The notion of sustainability in our learning resources seem askew these days...What really are the key elements to effecting change for the long haul? How do we shed the old 'habits' and begin anew? Some of the concepts in Chip & Dan Heath's Made to Stick offer some insight, i.e., simplicity, unexpectedness, concreteness, credibility, emotional, and stories. However, there remains an important element (and perhaps more?), personal accountability, that is missing from the list. How does one 'learn' that characteristic? I know...more questions than answers, but for now that may provoke additional thoughts! Pine Ct & Mandarin Rd, Naples, FL

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  1. On the eve of the Copenhagen summit these are good questions. Sustainability also means that we not keep throwing out and buying new and that we learn to value local production and not have everything shipped from far away places just because it is cheaper.