Thursday, February 18, 2010


02.18.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Frame within a frame within a frame within a frame...lots of levels in this image and reminds me of the various layers that we share (or not) of ourselves. The onset and popularity of various social media tools have allowed so many connections with others that one, most likely, would not have had in pre-Internet days.

How alike and how different are our virtual relationships from those that we have 'face-to-face'? Does the physical distance establish a different set of 'frames' from which we view the connection? Do we tend to share more (or fewer) layers of ourselves? Is there a false sense of anonymity? It has been interesting to reflect on these questions not only in my own experience, but in working with students, as well. 3rd Ave N & Gulfshore Dr, Naples, FL


  1. Sometimes we show different layers to different people. There is a difference between virtual and face to face relationships. But there are differences also based on why the relationships in both cases are established.