Friday, February 5, 2010


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Tools of the trade vary widely, but they commonly hold a vital role in their respective careers. Interestingly, they typically evolve to adapt new technologies and nuances, but invariably maintain some of the original basics, as well. In learning, the pencil may be competing with the keyboard, but the they both serve as communication tools. Furthermore, though tools are often designed for a specific purpose, there is often much overlap to other desired outcomes.

Our Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts program is a popular one and though the basic tools are crucial for the cooking mainstay, there are other important variables for success. Recently a team of four students have been coming to the Media Center to plan a project - Design Your Own Restaurant. While they naturally prioritized the menu, they quickly moved to the floor plan, lighting, and comfort of the physical space. What a coup when they also tapped into their fellow student in the Architectural Drafting program - now discovering the potential of design and limitations of building codes! All the while, they are working together, engaged, negotiating, and using a common tool that the internet offers..... and, just as importantly, seamlessly valuing relevant life's lessons. Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL

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  1. And another skill they are learning is the importance of collaboration. Interesting that they are learning the tools of other trades to better understand their own.