Thursday, February 11, 2010


02.11.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

The sun came out for a couple of minutes this afternoon - enough to cast some shadows and create bisecting lines in this linear image. Though there are definitely lines that lead you to the Gulf, I like the barely visible bench and grassy area on the right, allowing the eyes to rest and relax, creating a sanctuary, of sorts.

Although I have no training in photography, I have dabbled a bit in learning some basics of design and composition. Further, my daily captures and the commenting on a dozen or so Flickr friend photos daily have offered a chance to analyze them a bit. With the advent of Through Global Lenses, I'm having conversations with students about some foundational photographic and design principles. Delightfully, I'm finding many students interested and motivated to grow and learn from this discourse! 8th Ave S & Gulf of Mexico, Naples, FL


  1. Marie, I don't know much about photography so I'm looking forward to you sharing some of your knowledge in the flickr group. I was just talking to my elder son about whether we favour the left or right hand side when we focus the subject. I favour the left and he (a left hander) favours the right.

  2. A very pleasing image. I like how the path leads the eye and the exposure of the sky is perfect.