Wednesday, November 25, 2009


NOV252009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Thanksgiving usually means family get-togethers, football games and overeating...oh, and giving thanks! Taking advantage of a visit with my 87-year-old mother includes unspoken gratitudes with a sorting (and purging) of photographs from the past. Interestingly, the toughest ones to toss were a stack of Poloroid photos (with hand written descriptions on the back) from Vietnam sent from my now deceased dad who was stationed there during the war in 1968. Many showed the elements of war with ships and helicopters, bunkers and guns...but most reflect the humanity and culture with a special emphasis on the children. Though I likely didn't appreciate it at the time, I know he must have had great conflict within to not only perform his duties, but to respect human life.

Though life is what we make of it, acknowledging the limitations and stretching the boundaries can be assets in the quality and relationship with our world. Taking time to do something special for someone everyday is a valued tenet passed down from my parents...and for that, I am thankful. Melbourne, FL


  1. So nice to have those photos as a window into your father's experiences.

  2. A very powerful image - we can't begin to imagine what they went through.