Monday, November 23, 2009


NOV232009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Although this spotlight may be slightly askew, it does create an interesting pattern of light and dark with shadows of the oft intertwining branches. Like the tree's appendages, some people bask in the spotlight, energized by the attention...while others eschew it, preferring the comfort of being 'unseen'. Despite the preferences, our students are best suited to learn and practice both styles. The shy student may tremble with anxiety, but expectations of speaking and presenting early in school will be much easier with an incorporated safety net in a classroom environment. On the other hand, the student who enjoys the attention would benefit from staying in the shadows and practicing good 'audience' skills on occasion. Both have a place and both are desirable - but like most things in life, there's a need for good judgment and applicability! Naples, FL

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