Tuesday, June 30, 2009


JUN302009, originally uploaded by colemama.

The City of Naples installed twin sculptures (one on each corner) on the same block as the new four-story parking garage - a way to beautify the area as well as distract us from the tall box-like structure. Though not true glass, the material in this colorful quilt takes on reflective, transparent, and translucent qualities that delight and enchant. Valuing art is certainly a personal experience - the multiple facets in this outdoor sculpture are ever-changing with the rays (or lack) of sunlight and the interaction with other environmental features make it extra-special! 8th St S & 6th Ave N, Naples, FL


  1. Wow...I'd like to see this in person...seems really cool. I LOVE your photo though...the colors and shapes are fantastic!

  2. This is cool! I'm trying to figure out how big these colored panels are. Nice shot!

  3. An ever-changing quilt of colour and light - sounds and looks wonderful!