Monday, June 22, 2009


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The teenager living next door has been sporting this cool 'graffiti' on his rear window for awhile now - actually, I'm surprised he hasn't been pulled over for a violation of view obstruction! I've always appreciated the stencil-like design, finding it reminiscent of my own teenage years during a very different (and seemingly the same) time! My 'doodles' looked much the some things never change. This young man (not unlike myself at his age) has announced his values and beliefs for all the world to see - in such a way that only the youth can do! I'm proud of him and all the young people who responsibly accept a worthy cause to counterbalance their 'expected' self-centeredness.

On another note, today's message seems particularly poignant with reflection on not only those in Iran struggling for their rights, but all who have died or suffered needlessly. Naples, FL

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  1. Sad that each generation speaks out for peace and that no solutions are found. Good for your neighbour that he speaks out through his images. Nice photo