Wednesday, March 14, 2012


03.14.12 by colemama
03.14.12, a photo by colemama on Flickr.

This lizard survived an unexpected journey on the car hood from the house to the shopping center and back. It could have easily jumped off while I was in the store, but it must not have wanted to relocate! :) It did (finally!) figure out that there was less wind resistance in the windshield wiper culvert about the time we got back to the neighborhood....even though it looks like it is 'clinging for life' in this shot!

Lizards are as common as dirt around here (in the figurative sense, of course, since we have much more sand than we have dirt!). As a result, we forget how 'foreign' these reptiles are to our visitors. They are fascinating creatures, but nothing to fear...the typical reaction. Fear is often the initial feeling when experiencing unfamiliarity or change...reminiscent of some educators as they face technology in the classroom. Embracing that fear brings about more control and thus, self confidence to cope with the emotion in a more productive manner. Naples, FL

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  1. Oh so cute. None of these creatures around here. I love the lighting.