Thursday, February 24, 2011


02.24.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

For some reason this EXIT sign caught my eye - perhaps because it is green...and I think most are in the attention-getting color of red. What happened here? Associating the green color with movement ('go') may be the reasoning, but still it seems 'wrong' when you are looking for the familiar red (and 'right') color!

While working with students on a WebQuest, the realization that the lack of a 'right' answer was very uncomfortable for some learners. Problem-solving and inquiry based curriculum and instruction has become familiar to me, but others are expecting a narrow solution - a correct answer...when, in fact, there are multiple options, as in reality. Allowing for those diverse paths can truly be a different 'mind set', but with practice and persistence the foreign does become familiar. Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL


  1. I've never seen a green exit sign either! Curious!

  2. We need to learn to be comfortable with differences - be they exit signs or people. So important to ask those questions that require thought, analysis. Never too early to start students on the road to that kind of thinking.