Tuesday, February 8, 2011


02.08.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

The burst of these pink tabebuia blooms really sneaked upon me this year. This tree loses all of its leaves and looks as dormant as the northern tree in colder climates. Then they 'surprisingly' explode into clusters of bright pink flowers, laced with a tint of buttercup. I love them against the brilliant blue skies! They tend to be planted for streetscape decor and add a delightful diversion to daily commute.

Surprises come in interesting packages...fortunately, today's unexpected packages were of the pleasant variety and represented good memories from the past. It is rare when friendships can span decades with no communication of any kind...and then, a newsy note! Though there is obvious 'catch up' on years of events and happenings, the familiarity is evident and delightful! 10th St & 1st Ave S, Naples, FL


  1. Such beautiful and vibrant colours. The pink and blue really compliment each other. Great news on the reconnection.

  2. What showy flowers. A celebration.