Wednesday, February 9, 2011


02.09.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

Hiding in the late afternoon shadows, the simple elegance of this home shines through...enhanced by a colorful and well-manicured landscape. It is lovely to look at and one wonders what how the interior is designed, with what it is furnished, and even who enjoys living here. The halo effect may influence our thoughts about those musings...and those expectations are not likely to be negative in this case.

As most of us know, though, there is no guarantee that the 'book' will be truly represented by its 'cover'. Some objects (and people) are purposely staged to show only the positive on the outside. It is easy to be deceived by that exterior appearance, but when peeling back the layers, a different interior is revealed. Information literacy includes a similar 'look' - thinking about and analyzing a web page, for example. Hopefully, those skills will transfer to countless other situations - ones where outward appearance seems to be the main priority. 4th St & 4th Ave N, Naples, FL


  1. Coming from the snowy, cold north... this looks SOOO nice! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Our society seems to focus on the "cover" and not on depth. Hard to get students to dig deeper to find the truth.

  3. It is indeed beautiful on the outside. It is true that we can't judge a book by it's cover but oddly enough, it seems to be something we all do too quickly and often.