Monday, February 21, 2011


02.21.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

The pink powder puff tree exhibits a showy bloom and some buds ready to pop open. As one might guess, their color and texture are powerful attractors for bees and other insects. Along with other visual 'eye candy' at the Naples Botanical Garden, they are hard for a photographer to resist, as well. :)

Many educators are familiar with Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and have taken a survey or two to better understand their own learning/teaching preferences. I've always been pretty solid in my own preferences...until now. The Naturalistic tendency has increased substantially - due to my common photographic models? Did daily photography draw this latent preference out or did it manifest because of time behind the lens and the process of reflective writing? Naples Botanical Garden, Naples, FL


  1. Beautiful detail and wonderful composition! Very pretty.

  2. Striking detail! Love the composition!

  3. That flower just pops. And as to photography - it has certainly led me in directions I did not expect. Seeing, noticing and then getting interested in what I see.