Monday, August 23, 2010


08.23.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

First day of school and the Media Center had visitors from our Learning Partners and Early Childhood programs (both toddlers and high school seniors). Even better, they found a book to read... of course, I don't think the little ones sat still long enough to complete the story, but it's a start!

The book is still the recognizable foundation of literacy, but the term has grown to encompass much more than traditional print reading (and writing). Visual literacy, media literacy, digital literacy, numeracy....and it goes on. The complexity of our world likely influences the need for increased literacies and they primarily focus on skills (at least broadly) and yet, much of our contemporary high school curriculum highlight knowledge of content. Though there is some overlap, the emphasis seems somewhat mis-matched. Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL


  1. Lovely shot. We're lucky here in Quebec. Our program focuses on competency - bringing the skills to bear in order to learn the content and use it in new situations. But there is always a backlash and a pull back to 19th century views - prepare them for the industrial age.

  2. So wonderful that you have those high school students to partner with the little ones. A win-win! Nice shot!