Thursday, August 5, 2010


08.05.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Of all the fabrics (from the luxury of silk to the crispness of linen to the roughness of burlap), my absolute favorite is still denim. It represents the 'worker bees' with a soft ruggedness and a diversity of indigo hues. Yet, it holds its own spotlight when paired with more delicate fabrics, such as lace, or when coupled with the slick, shiny leather. As for comfort, there's likely no match! As such, denim is definitely a 'go to' fabric.

There are other 'go to's' in life that seem to rise to the top - we have our comfort foods, our favorite mode of transportation, preferred stress relievers. There are people in our world that we know we can depend on to lift our spirits, to provide honest feedback, or to get the job done. Can you identify your 'go to's'? Hope so - just thinking about them brings a smile! Naples, FL

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