Friday, August 20, 2010


08.20.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

It is fairly unusual to find drying flower pods in the height of summer, but apparently these were impacted by some environmental factor...unlike the reflection of their counterparts across the lake.

Interesting to note both the height of blossoming and the decline of life in one view, but that is also reflective of our typical 'snapshot' in schools where some students are intensely engaged in the learning activity while others attention is fading. It is so difficult for teachers to address 25-30 unique student needs at one time in the classroom. Individualizing is a desired goal, but likely better described as a lofty aspiration - how can teachers really personalize learning? ...and yet, that is often a stated expectation for their profession. If students became more accountable for their learning, would they be better equipped to personalize their own learning? Just thinking outloud...Garden of Hope and Courage, Naples, FL

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