Thursday, August 19, 2010


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Though I'm not a big meat eater, much less a red meat eater, fish is another story... this smoked king salmon jerky from the 'World Famous' Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, WA was well worth traveling more than 2,500 miles to bring home ... and savor! Admittedly, an indulgence - and one that will be shared and revered. Purchasing quality seafood from this fish market is just part of the 'experience' - they are hyped for their fun workplace environment, customer relations and employee motivation....all of which were personally evidenced at our visit. (BTW - I write this as I indulge in a little sample - though it is truly tough to 'just' sample!)

Our fishmonger, Ryan Rector, was friendly, knowledgeable, (young and with other ambitions) and confident. It was obvious that he was proud of the product he was peddling and enjoying his time with potential customers. So, time to think about those qualities in our own working roles - do we measure up? For educators, do we provide conducive environment for our students to react in the same manner in both the classroom and future employment? Certainly worth pondering....Naples, FL

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