Thursday, July 8, 2010


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Exploring the neighborhood again for today's @dailyshoot challenge. These bright, cheery colors caught my eye, inviting me to explore the welcoming entryway. Architectural style in Naples is diverse, but much of my fascination is on the homes influenced by the Caribbean. The colors are bold and sassy mimicking nature's attributes. The construction materials of concrete and stucco offer not only a strong foundation from the potential hurricane winds, but also offer insulation against the heat and humidity. Plenty of glass exposure to the usually shining Florida sun is anticipated with with both interior and exterior shutters and blinds.

Architecture is one of those amazing disciplines that balances the combination of form and function - in a most appealing way! I'm constantly drawn to that combination - even beyond my philosophy of learning (mind and emotion), in understanding the best forms of education (academic and vocational), and in life, in general (design and tools). 459 14th Ave S, Naples, FL

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  1. I do love the colours. So different from what is found around here.