Sunday, July 4, 2010


07.04.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

A gloomy, dreary day - and very quiet for a 4th...likely due to yesterday's celebratory events (parade, fireworks). We must be under a considerable mass of tropical moisture as it is unusual for the rain to start before noon and stick around all day and evening. Especially since this is so rare for our typical summer day, I feel the lack of energy, direction and initiative. I wonder if that is universal or if it is just me or if is because, relatively speaking, I am more familiar with a 'prettier' day...

My learning is often influenced by a number of environmental factors - from the weather to the noise and other elements in between. I may not be able to control the environment itself, but I can take control of my reactions to it...of course, 'easier said, than done'! Sometimes, I wonder if we don't spend too much time on traditional content and not enough on 'soft' skills to cope with everyday life. Whose responsibility is it to teach those skills and how is that accountability measured? I'll need to take accountability for my own lack of energy today, but I do wish that I'd better learned the skills to get re-energized despite the blah weather! Naples, FL

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