Monday, July 12, 2010


07.12.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

This photo shows just a fragment of the whole and yet most people would be able to make it 'complete' and meaningful. Visual artists use the concepts of gestalt to help our eyes complete the picture or video. Principles such as similarity, continuation, closure, proximity, and figure/ground are foundational for graphic design...and likely photography, as well. Written text, verbal and nonverbal communication can all provide 'parts' for us to make whole - be it intentional or not. Perhaps these efforts to 'fill in the gaps' are the necessary requisites for solving problems, telling stories, and connecting concepts. If so, perhaps we need to include more opportunities to interpret and create gestalt in our learning and teaching.

And, kudos to ALL who played any role in this Naples Players production of Annie. It was so well done and delightfully entertaining - the actors (both kids and adults), the costumes, the music, the sets, the dance! I'm always amazed by the talents and efforts of our community theater, but this one was just incredible! Bravo! :) Sugden Community Theater, Naples, FL

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun. And yes - we have to learn to read the clues to make something whole - the visual, the words that are not there - the inferences we need to make. Nicely done.