Tuesday, May 25, 2010


05.25.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Even the wispy clouds in the blue sky background don't seem to take away from the mockingbird's presence. It is recommended to keep a wary eye on these birds as they easily 'dive-bomb' any intruders into their very wide 'home' range - justified by protecting their nests! Of course, they deceive you with their beautiful songs and mocking calls, but don't be lulled by their musical notes...they love to be the aggressor - going straight for the head!

Appearances can be deceiving indeed - from book covers to neighborhoods and across all sorts of people - but, ultimately, there are no masks and only the true essence. Interestingly even then, there can be various interpretations on the same object....just as the mockingbird appears to view all others as intruders! Naples, FL

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  1. A beautiful photo, Marie - clean, with a lovely textured roof (looks a bit like icecream). I've never seen a mockingbird before. Our magpies often attack people. They have a lovely way of 'speaking'.