Saturday, May 1, 2010


05.01.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Color and depth are evident here - one of the overlooked 'secrets' seen from the boardwalk. People walk through Freedom Park without their eyes and ears, expecting moments of beauty and song to reach out to them. Stopping to do a photographic study of this new growth brought an array of creations and a visit from some ducks and a little blue heron.

Have we conditioned our learners to sit and wait for the content? or are we helping them seek out new experiences and connections, taking the initiative to grow and innovate? Perhaps a continuum is established between the extremes and there is a place for both? Lots of natural beauty in which to delight on the boardwalk and many opportunities for other pondering...Freedom Park, Naples, FL

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  1. We have to help students deviate - to explore the unknown and not just "study what will be on the test". We need to help them open their eyes and minds.