Wednesday, May 19, 2010


05.19.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

What could be more simple than the humble egg? And, yet, it is only the beginning of many complexities...from the philosophical question of which came first - the chicken or the egg? to the basis for various intricacies of life.

I was intrigued by my Flickr buddy's (@dcosand's) capture of the simple egg earlier this year and though I knew I could not replicate it (not even come close to his creative and technically well done image!), I also knew that it was a very relevant subject for today's @dailyshoot challenge of simplicity.

So many times we make our worlds so complex - is it the expectation of the rat race? are we responding to the need to 'fill' our time with 'busy-ness' whether or not it is justified? or are we just digging deeper and discovering the various pathways that network amongst simple ideas? All from the 'simple' egg! Naples, FL

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