Saturday, May 8, 2010


05.08.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

The recent hot weather has even the lizards seeking shade. The temperature is high enough, but the humidity makes it much more uncomfortable. Though we do acclimate to the summer weather, most try to spend maximum time in air-conditioned spaces.

Acclimation is a response mechanism to changes in the environment - most often considered a positive process as it increases survival, primarily in the physiological sense, but also in the psychological venue. Adapting to rapid change is sometimes 'painful' but in the long run the adjustment is likely worthwhile. Though acclimating to a new situation is generally not due to a conscious effort, I wonder if the lack critical thinking may lead to lost opportunity for manipulating the environment, rather than bowing completely to the change. Just pondering thoughts...Melbourne, FL


  1. Great capture.We should learn from the lizard and sometimes go with the flow - work in harmony and not always trying to change the environment.

  2. Wow. The colors are beautiful in this shot. They are subtle in a way, but quite compatible and powerful. And the composition is great with all the different natural lines...