Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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Ear buds are so ubiquitous on our campus that one is more likely to find the familiar earphones than a pen or pencil. It seems that students have little trouble producing ear buds, even for an online assessment on reading! Tools continue to change and serve our needs to build, to create, to prepare, to communicate, to connect. We often talk about the need to capture these 'tools' for learning purposes - and though their use has been incorporated in a few compelling situations, we still have a long road to travel...and I wonder how many new 'tools' will arrive before some will accept the requisite for change! Naples, FL

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  1. Change is hard - and education is one place where people balk. I remember having to learn to write with stick pens which we dipped in ink wells. This was not because other options didn't exist, but because that was "the way it was done" - that resistance to chenge is endemic in education.