Saturday, October 24, 2009


OCT242009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Living close to and regularly visiting the beach may lead to a 'take-it-for-granted' attitude, but scenes such as this remain awe-inspiring! Complacency can be a dangerous attribute as it stunts growth, prevents questioning and sets up a false sense of security. The gliding flight of these pelicans is part of their daily routine and yet, the act alone is so foreign to the human observer. Nevertheless, it is one of many things we take for granted in the course of our day. Though it is easy to say, "stop and smell the roses" is much more difficult to put that advise into action. Thankfully, beach-time is a chance to focus on those everyday events! 2nd Ave N & Gulf of Mexico


  1. I love the repetitive nature - the birds in formation. And what is nice about this project is that I find myself not being complacent - but seeing and noticing in ways I didn't before.

  2. Beautiful shot. I like how they're all in line with one another, and their wings are all in the same position. Like they were posing for this shot. Nice!