Thursday, October 15, 2009


OCT152009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Taking a different hue, I was inspired by Alan's 285/365 photo to find a partner for his interestingly-photographed household item. Nowhere near the quality of even his 'desperate' photo, it is still an original creation/interpretation. Emphasis on innovation and own/collaborative work and/or adding to the work of others (with attribution) in a remix creation is an ideal principle to weave within our learning environments. There is such pressure for doing 'excellent' work that some think it is better to 'copy and paste' or mimic another's idea than to suffer a lower evaluative mark on something that reflects their own learning. We really need to change that value....Naples, FL

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  1. Interesting idea - we have to get inspired by each other - leads to new ways of seeing ( and reminds me I have to buy a new ironing board!)