Wednesday, September 5, 2012


09.05.12 by colemama
09.05.12, a photo by colemama on Flickr.

In case you haven't seen one of these...the challenge is to create a 3x3x3 cube from this interconnected link of wooden blocks - it is much harder than it looks! :)

Resourceful students have googled it to find the solution and were surprisingly successful! For others, it is more appropriate to persistently massage the small block - a integrated manipulation of mental and physical. And still for some, the focus is so 'punishing' that one would never interrupt. Then, there are the ones who are not at all intrigued and turn their back for something more relevant. Hmmm...the various points of play and learning! :) Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL

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  1. And many different learning styles. I have a friend who is an ardent manual reader, while I just get in and play around.