Monday, January 23, 2012


01.23.12 by colemama
01.23.12, a photo by colemama on Flickr.

Politics have taken to the this case, waving for Newt - though I'm not sure the reason for the Uncle Sam costuming! :) The attention is on Florida for the Republican primary (and tonight's debate), so I guess they need to grab it while they can. The jockeying around for position has not been very impressive (though I don't get a vote) and I really resent the continued negative campaigning. Modeling such antagonistic and hostile behavior only deters from the important issues and the candidate's stance on them. 5th Ave S & US 41 E, Naples, FL

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  1. And what kind of models are they for the youth. Bullying, name calling, gossiping... Is this what one wants in leaders?