Wednesday, January 4, 2012


01.04.12 by colemama
01.04.12, a photo by colemama on Flickr.

Not the usual shot of these beauties - birds of paradise, but couldn't resist the back-lighting nor the reminder of "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" movies (they leaves look like grass blades and the withered blossoms look like the ominous bugs...but I date myself...)

Looking at things from different perspectives can be disarming, but it certainly provides a new learning experience if we allow it. This may be particularly helpful in communication as we often have a singular viewpoint as either the sender or the receiver. I'm always fascinated at the various interpretations that people come away with from hearing/watching the same message - good to remember now...and I'm sure I'll need reminding! Davis Blvd & US 41 E, Naples, FL

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  1. It does look like quite a creepy place. I never saw the movie but I can picture the kids there having seen trailers