Thursday, July 7, 2011


07.07.11 by colemama
07.07.11, a photo by colemama on Flickr.

Bare beaches, white capped surf, sunless skies, a "Northwest" drizzle, and bowed sea oats mark the passing of a tropical wave. Pulsating bands of wind and rain are 'hurricane-like'...sans the intensity and strength. Not particularly pleasant to be 'out and about', but, if under shelter, observation can be quite rewarding. Another day of this soggy moisture before we transition back to our usual summer pattern.

We live in a time of transition, an uneasy era which is likely to endure for the rest of this century. During the period we may be tempted to abandon some of the time-honored principles and commitments which have been proven during the difficult times of past generations. We must never yield to this temptation. Our American values are not luxuries, but necessities - not the salt in our bread, but the bread itself.
~ Jimmy Carter

Transitions can be tough, no doubt, but strong beliefs in valued principles generally prevail. The key may be truly understanding and believing in one's own solid foundation. Lowdermilk Park, Naples, FL

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