Sunday, April 24, 2011


04.24.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

Yes, Virginia...there is an Easter Bunny (borrowed heavily, of course, from the famous editorial from the late 1800's)! Coloring and hunting for eggs, chocolate bunnies, baskets filled with colorful eggs and jelly beans - the commercialization of the Easter holiday remains steadfast. Though the Christian calendar dictates a rather wide date span, the celebration coincides with the delivery of spring season (be it real or imagined!).

Memories of Easters past are relived...well, all except for matching outfits (including hats and gloves) that my sister and I wore to is worshiped and family members are loved. Despite the exploitation of the religious symbolism, the holiday is still one of treasured beliefs and caring relationships. Naples, FL


  1. What a great Easter image! Love the pastel colours...and the chocolate bunny!

  2. Happy belated Easter - it seems the Easter bunny was good to you ;-)

  3. This is an excellent Easter shot! So festive! Beautiful colors too! Cudos!