Tuesday, April 19, 2011


04.19.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

The 'model' is missing, but the dress is back...this time conveniently framed! Some of you may remember a much-better photographed Naples wedding dress - if not, you may want to check out the comments and links - and now it is available 'framed' and with an added 'accessory'! Love the sense of humor! :)

Some days it is difficult to appreciate the lighter side of life...with all the serious activities focused on deadlines, problems and other 'realities'. But, if you don't find yourself laughing often, it is definitely worth seeking out - surround yourself with nutty friends, check out a wacky YouTube video, enjoy a comedy show! Those deep belly laughs, often vocalized with snorts or loud outbursts, and accompanied by watering eyes, may not come daily...but, even a smile will do! :) 3rd Ave S & 5th St, Naples, FL

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  1. This is great - and I checked out your link and the story behind it. The frame is a great touch.