Saturday, April 16, 2011


04.16.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

Approaching a covered pavilion, I heard a slight rustle in the underbrush and my eye caught the movement just as the baby gator slithered into the swampy waters below me. Mostly submerged and somewhat camouflaged (added notes), the young alligator kept his beady eyes unblinking on the human intruder. This critter was about a foot and a half long from snout to tail tip. I would guess that "where there is one, there are more" (including momma gator)...unless he was a former 'pet' abandoned by his 'owner'. Assuming man does not interfere, he should have plenty to feed on in this estuary.

The need to survive is evident in our 'fight' or 'flight' syndrome. In our stressful world, both the interpretation of stress and the reaction to it is a daily occurrence. The stress wears on us, but hopefully we have better experience to choose appropriate coping mechanisms. Sometimes, though, that reaction is severe...sometimes, fatal. Suicide is tough enough to understand, but suicide among young people is painful. The more informed we are and the more involved we can be in building healthier coping skills, the less likely we will see the extremes of 'fight' or 'flight'. Freedom Park, Naples, FL


  1. I love the contrast of the gator's upper body with the flat surface of the water. Keep an eye on that guy!

  2. great capture, took me a minute to focus on him, thought it was a stick.

  3. It looks so tranquil - but one never knows what lurks underneath - I guess like people. We can't always read the stress under the faces of both young and old.