Sunday, April 3, 2011


04.03.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

Posing nicely, this duck kept an eye on me...likely hoping for a handout! I like that the water was almost smooth and allows a reflection of the eye, as well as providing a view of that bright orange webbed foot! :) She was definitely paddling!

So, the old adage about unruffled feathers on the surface often means paddling like crazy under the surface - how does that fit for you? Like the duck, my paddling is generally fact, in this collaborative environment with the need for openness, it may be more much more effective to reveal that paddling! Freedom Park, Naples, FL


  1. Great detail on his (her?) body! Love the reflection in the water as well. Nice!

  2. great shot, reflection is brill.

  3. I love the detail and the reflection. I'm guessing my feathers are pretty ruffled right now as I'm paddling madly to get through April.

  4. Beautiful sharp image - I love that little bit of orange!