Wednesday, January 19, 2011


01.19.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

A connector cord to power and sync - it has become a "life line" for many...including myself! Surely, this can't replace some of our other more human-oriented connections (from blood flowing arteries to family ties and relationships)! And, yet technologies continue to bind us in incomprehensible ways. Some are more ready for these impending changes than others...some make every effort to deny the impact of these technologies, but most are in various stages of 'awe and overwhelm' at the exponential growth of the tools. Like with past technologies, we can ignore them, we can adapt to them, we can accept them...or we can create them! Naples, FL


  1. Very true on all counts. Nice composition.

  2. We can embrace and still feel overwhelmed at times! A connecter cord is also a connector to people through the photos we share and the thoughts they inspire.

  3. A simple picture, which with your commentary, opens up a fantastic world of opportunities, or for some a frightening place to avoid.