Monday, January 10, 2011


01.10.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

Celery has never been one of my favorite vegetables...unless it is swirling around the tall glass of a Bloody Mary. The taste is flavorful and attractive but there's something about the texture that is not so appealing. With an attempt to fortify my fridge with healthy snacks, I'm trying to create a love affair with this stalky green rib (sans the drink!).

Starting with a photographic study, I've determined there is enough diversity to further the interaction. The triangular channel with its columned grooves offset the leafy tops with both parts being edible. Next a bit of research reveals the nutritional value (vitamins and minerals abound along with the expected fiber), as well as other health benefits like reducing blood pressure, cancer development, and perhaps even arthritis. Ok, I'm sold - it won't take the place of chocolate, but it will have to do! ;) Naples, FL


  1. I've never been a huge fan of celery either...although I will eat it from time to time. I like how you've composed the shot - very creative!

  2. I remember eating celery with peanut butter or cream cheese as a child. Detracts a little from the healthy snack.

  3. Thanks for the interesting info. I didn't realize celery was so healthy. I'll add cheese whiz to the suggestion above. Not the healthiest addition but maybe a compromise.

  4. Now you have me thinking about how good those rather fattening enhancements taste...without the celery! :)