Sunday, January 2, 2011


01.02.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

Driving past a tree where the eagles often frequent and there was this osprey - guess it is a non-discriminatory 'tree-tel'. I only caught a few shots before it took flight and I didn't get a great shot here, but it is always rewarding to capture big birds of prey in the neighborhood. The osprey has managed to adapt to most environmental climates worldwide...with the requisite condition of nearby water to satisfy their feeding requirement. They are well-liked in our area where you will see man-made nesting posts established atop utility poles along the highways...though it doesn't stop them from making their own. ;)

Adaptation and accommodation can both be rather painful processes as one must change to meet the needs of the external world. Thus, the realization that tomorrow marks a return to work brings a certain resistance and desire to 'fly away'...though, futile, I know!! But adaptation is necessary to survive and I'll join others who also end up bowing to that 'pain'. ;) Broad & Bougainvillea, Naples, FL


  1. An extraordinary shot, Marie. Love how it is looking up and into the future.

  2. Just started my first 'project 365' and first blog yesterday! Your blog and images are fantastic!