Saturday, September 4, 2010


09.04.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Some brightly blooming Mexican firebush lines one of the ponds on the pathway at Freedom Park. It was really too hot (midday, midsummer, FL) to be doing much outdoors, but I was in search of 'colors and water' for the daily shoot challenge. What prolific, vibrant blooms - there's water there, too, but I couldn't compromise this dof for 'water' requirement - would have been a totally different image...

Yes, some things are worth compromising and often uncompromised decisions are made in stubbornness or to satisfy 'power trips' or even from lack of awareness. Compromise certainly has its place, but sometimes it truly changes the intention, outcome, and value of a situation. The key is not necessarily compromise itself, but weighing it as an option in the decision making process. Granted, not every decision provides the most desired conclusion, but making a choice to consider the pros and cons of all options is responsible and allows for some good critical thinking! Freedom Park, Naples, FL

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