Saturday, April 17, 2010


04.17.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

With overcast skies these cassia flowers don't show their usual pop, but they still show a nice color. This time of year, the flowering trees really do shine with the bright yellow tabebuia, the purple jacaranda, this golden cassia, and both lilac and white orchid trees. As much as I would enjoy them all year long, having them as seasonal blooms does help me appreciate them all the more.

Near the equator, we don't have the extremes like so many to the north and south, but we still appreciate 'seasons' of sorts...and certainly relative ups and downs. I guess the qualifying word might be 'relative'. So often, we tend to judge others by our own standards - which is quite natural....but when there is little or no regard for the relativity of others' standards, none of us win! Honest and respectful conversation amongst others can go far in equalizing that 'roller coaster'. Pelican Bay Blvd, Naples, FL


  1. oooh...there's something about the colors in this one. That orange looks so beautiful and my eyes immediately gravitate around to the purple and the green on the far right and then back to the flower. It feels very peaceful. :)

  2. The variety of colours is lovely - and you are right - it is their ephemeral nature that makes them special.