Tuesday, April 6, 2010


04.06.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Looking for a photograph to depict 'speed' for the @dailyshoot challenge today was not easy - things are pretty slow in Naples, FL... between the 'old-ness' and the laid back nature. This was punctuated when I got behind a family of tourists who were moseying down the sidewalk. While I was ready to bulldoze past them, I saw an opportunity for this capture defined by the shadows.

Rushing through life is nonproductive and yet many times 'there are so many things to do in so little time!' Of course, this trio was in vacation mode which allows for a more relaxed attitude, with little attention to deadlines or even time itself. This time, my need for speed was interrupted by this 'slow down'...but only until I had the opportunity to pass! ;) 6th Ave S & 11th St, Naples, FL

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  1. Still trying to learn to slow down. But the photos help me stop and appreciate - both the ones I talk and those I visit here.