Thursday, April 8, 2010


04.08.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Looking for a little spark for the imagination and inspiration for my thoughts.... An unexpected reflection served as a temporary reward, but the corroded tip is obviously a carry over for the long-term. Nevertheless, the intrigue of such a component kept me occupied for a number of photographic shots.

As this is composed, members of the Florida legislature are debating a law which would change public education in our state...and not for the better IMHO. Rather than accept the challenge of true reform for 21st century world, these representatives are choosing to ride the 'performance testing train'. The governor has vowed to veto the bill, but to see this much agreement amongst the legislators is disconcerting. It does make me wonder about the 'kool-aid'?!?! Naples, FL

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  1. It frustrates me that legislators make decisions about education even though they don't have the training or expertise. This attitude of so-called rigour - what worked for me will work for all children - just doesn't reflect reality. Our world has changed; our understanding of how children learn and what they need to learn has changed.The only ones who gain are the testing companies.